We are Sweden’s premier painting facility, offering an extensive range of services. While we strive to provide comprehensive solutions, you may have inquiries. Below, you will find frequently asked questions and detailed answers regarding our painting services.

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Contact us at info@hydrodip.se, and we’ll assist you.

We can paint nearly anything – only imagination sets the limits for us!

We offer wet painting, powder coating, and WTP services at our facility – providing the most comprehensive solutions for our customers.

We have the capability to paint a wide range of items, from small components to larger pieces spanning several meters. Our automated WTP system can process up to 72 square meters per hour

Our clients operate in various industries, ranging from design firms to ventilation systems.

We offer short lead times, which vary depending on the type of painting you require. Please send your inquiries to info@hydrodip.se.

Please feel free to submit an inquiry to info@hydrodip.se, including dimensions, desired color and finish specifications, as well as any available drawings. We will promptly respond with a price proposal.”

Unfortunately, we do not. Our facility is tailored for larger production runs, and as such, we exclusively cater to corporate clients.

We offer a range of over 10,000 patterns and can waterprint materials of all kinds, with the exception of Styrofoam – a fact we find rather impressive! We are also happy to provide guidance and ideas for your project.

Our facilities are strategically situated just outside of Gothenburg in Partille, conveniently located near all major access points at Järnringen 7. However, we provide delivery services throughout the entire country.


Feel free to reach out to us with your inquiry!